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Privacy Policy

Any personal information that you transmit, provide, offer to Firstskool directly or indirectly (through its product & services or its affiliates), will be used only for purposes of processing your application and the assessment and processing of any other administration relevant to Firstskool.

Your trust is most valuable to us. In order to honour that trust, Firstskool adheres to the highest ethical standards in gathering, using, and safeguarding any information you provide.

This privacy policy governs your use of the Firstskool website, its videos and content or any other product or services that it is offering.

Your use of the Website, it’s product and services or registrations with us through any modes or usage of any products including through SD cards, tablets or other storage/transmitting device shall signify your acceptance of this Policy and your agreement to be legally bound by the same.

We may collect information from users in the following ways though not limited to only these.

Information obtained from Users

When you register with us for any course or any other any general query or for any reason whatever it is, you generally provide your name, age, email address, location, phone number, password and your choice of services that you expect from us. Besides these, you may also provide any information while being on a chat session or during a query/doubts clarification session.

We may use the Information to contact you from time to time, to provide you with the Services, important information, required notices and marketing promotions. We will ask you when we need more information that personally identifies you (personal information) or allows us to contact you.

We will not differentiate between who is using the device to access the Application, Website or Services or products, so long as the login/access credentials match with yours. In order to make the best use of the Application/Website/Services/products and enable your Information to be captured accurately on the Application/Website/Services/products, it is essential that you have logged in using your own credentials.

Once you register with us and provide relevant information, you consent that it is ours to use for information and promotion purposes. However, you may withdraw your consent whenever you want but for this, you have to provide in writing that you are withdrawing use of all our product and services including website and wait for the response from our side for the due time period.

Automatically Collected Information

In addition, the Website/ Application/products/Services may collect certain information automatically, including, but not limited to, the type of digital device, laptop/PC/Tablet/mobile device you use, your digital devices unique device ID, the IP address of your digital device, your operating system, the type of Internet browsers you use, and information about the way you use the Application/Services/products.

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